It never ceases to amaze me.  While many folks in their 60s, 70s, and 80s begin to bemoan the inherent problems of old age, my 105-year-old grandma continues to look towards the future, with the zest and enthusiasm of someone 50 years her junior.  It is no wonder that she continues to thrive emotionally and physically!  She is always looking forward to something, and never looking back.

When we were together last week over Christmas, we began to reminiscence about certain past events, and her response to my question about how much she misses my grandfather who passed away 30 years ago surprised me, but not really, all things considered.

“Once they are gone, they are gone,” she jokingly quipped.  “You miss them briefly, but they are gone.  What can you do about it?”  She then scooped up a forkful of sweet potatoes and placed it in her mouth.

Not that she did not shed a well of tears when my grandpa passed away, but she knew the secret to her survival was to continue to move forward.  She did not want to wallow in the misery of being a widow.  She still desired a life of grand expectations and adventures!  After all, when Grandpa died, she was just a spring chicken of 75!

Before I could say another word, however, Grandma wryly noted, “I don’t need a man, you know.  When you have good food and good friends, who needs a man?”  Yes, Grandma always finds contentment no matter what she is doing.  She rarely lets a thing ruffle her feathers, and when things do get to her, she may temporarily bark and growl, but it is soon forgotten in anticipation of where she might be going to dinner that evening.

Stay tuned for more pearls of wisdom from an old bag who called me the day after Christmas and asked me, “When are you going to send your three boys (ages 11, 13, and 14) out to visit me?  I can take care of them pretty darn well for someone my age!”

Yes, Grandma, I am sure you can.  The question remains, however: Are the boys up to the challenge of you?

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