I was sitting in a reception area the other day, reading one of the hundreds of magazines scattered about the coffee table, and an article I read about health and fitness truly fascinated me.  Now, bear in mind, I am a fitness nut and have been exercising daily since I was 12 years of age.  This article gave insight as to how adding strength training/lifting weights to your exercise regimen can add as much as five years to your life.  With that in mind, since my grandma’s birthday is in a few weeks, do you think I should buy her a set of weights?  What do you think?  Another five years could be awesome!


  1. Patricia Hamblin

    Loved the video!! I grew up in Russell and I now live in Omaha. I moved my Mother up here about t a year ago. She will be 99 next month. There must be somethng in the air around Russell that helps their residents live very long lives. My Mothrr is in great health and her mind is as sharp as ever and she still loves to eat especially meat!!!

  2. Jim and Dee Barnhill

    My wife’s family were long time friends of Kora. With the passing of my in laws, Dee and I sort of inherited Kora. Each time we return to Russell we alway invite Kora to her favorite place for breakfast….McDonalds. Several months before here 100th birthday, we were at McDonalds and I slipped over and the manager helped me pick out and order a McDonalds denim logo jacket for an early birthday present. Kora received the jacket a couple of weeks later in the mail. She called us in Yakima Washington and asked
    “What do you know that I don’t know?”…suggesting that she might not be around for her century mark. This past May when we saw Kora, she insisted that Dee have her jacket.Thrilled to see her 105 birthday tribute and can hardly wait til my Dee comes home to share Kora’s video with her.

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