Welcome to the wonderful blog about the incredible life of my 105-year-old grandma, Kora Hollinger!  This blog will entertain, delight, inspire, and quite possibly aggravate a few of you!  That is the point!  After all, you cannot live for 105 years and not annoy a few folks along the way.  However, most people will find true inspiration in the wit, wisdom, and life experiences of this rocking lady!  In some cases, you may want to grab a Kleenex.  In other cases, make sure you are wearing your Depends or have at least emptied your bladder before reading, as an abundance of laughter is guaranteed!



  1. Bets Mills

    I laughed outloud at the comment on two baggies in Kora,s purse. Kora was a classmate of John,s Mother , although Kora was a year or more younger. Kora swam at the elks club at one time when a group of us used the pool in the a.m. We swam and talked about food and then snacked when we got out. When we were young I took the children to the drugstore and they,d blow the paper off their straws. When I tried to stop them, Sal told me it was ok. They,d pick them up later. It was a joy to know them both. Thanks for your comments. They are great. Please give Kora my love. Bets Mills

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