Waste not, want not! Not one to let the hallmarks of life, such as the death of a dear friend, slow her down, Kora Hollinger, soon to be 106 years old, still appreciates opportunities to save a buck or two. After another friend’s funeral (you have to understand, once you eclipse 100 years of age, funerals are just as regular events as trips to the bathroom!), Kora asked the surviving relatives, who were going to donate the deceased’s clothing to charity, if she could just have all of those clothes. “She’s not gonna need them where she’s going, and besides, she was the same size as me.” That was over 20 years ago. Kora still wears some of those outfits. Be sure to go to You Tube and search for Ann Butenas. You will find a few fun videos featuring Kora there!


  1. Mike Parsons

    I worked at McDonald’s all four years I went to High School. She would come out every so often. Don’t let the her age fool you, Shes very sharp! She taught me how to count change one day! lol

    Great Life Story…

  2. Charlotte Jean Ochs Lindsay

    After watching KU demolish KState this evening, my mind wandered back to the days of RHS basketball (also KU) when Kora would stand up and shout,”That’s m’boy!” when Blaine would make a basket. Although I was too young for college at the time, my family would go to the KC after-Christmas Big 7 Tournament.

    My mom and Kora were great friends – especially at the bridge table. Besides the scheduled clubs, they also had a Sat. evening foursome during the 40’s, that played while the husbands were doing farmer-in-town business – Sal at the drug store, Mac at McLane Motors and my dad at Ochs Motor. Can’t remember who the fourth was!
    Carlisle and Kora also took a cruise to Greece, Egypt, Israel etc. together when they were in their 80’s. Sure have enjoyed your “Kora Anecdotes” and hope you add more of them.

  3. My grandmother, Lorraine Mills, was a friend of your grandmother’s. It’s a treat to read this and think of them both. I’m glad you are enjoying the wisdom Kora has to offer.

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